We want to help individuals reach their employment goals, so they can move forward with life in a healthy and meaningful way.

The FEC has an Employment Counseling Specialist that works closely with the clinical team to help with an individual’s specific vocational needs.  Fields of employment can range from customer service, healthcare, design, sales, warehouse, education, childcare, construction, art, music and more! A career profile assessment is conducted to identify each individual’s skill sets and qualifications, in addition to a broad range of other services which include:

  • Resume Building
  • Making employer contacts in the community
  • Completing and submitting applications
  • Follow up with employers
  • Support around work-related issues once employed, including advocacy and problem-solving
  • Benefits planning
  • Topic of disclosure
  • Working with people with co-occurring substance abuse, previous criminal records
  • Involving families for support on work-related goals
  • Online applications