• Individuals within the ages of 12 – 45 who have experienced their first psychotic break within the past 2 years.
  • An individual must be capable of understanding the research nature of the clinic as research participation is expected of them if admitted to our clinic. We encourage patients to participate in research only if they are stable enough to do so, and if we feel that participation would not hinder specific treatment and therapeutic goals. Clinical care is not in any way affected by research participation.
  • Have an IQ of 70 or greater.
  • Certain medical conditions may make someone ineligible for our program.
  • If an individual has extensive substance abuse or dependence, they may be ineligible for our program.
  • Referrals can come from family members, private-practice settings, community mental health centers, or hospital admission units.


To make a referral or to schedule a consultation, please call

410-402-6833 Beth Steger, LCSW-C