The FEC is operated at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center. We encourage patients to participate in research if they are stable enough to do so, and if we feel that participation would not hinder specific treatment and theraputic goals. Though it is always stressed that research participation is voluntary, we believe that participation in research is of utmost importance because study outcomes equip us with more knowledge that may lead to more effective treatment approaches.

Research participation is kept separate from treatment at the FEC, and participation will not impact your relationships with your therapist and psychiatrist.

To participate in research opportunities available at the center, individuals must be able to give informed consent. We take this measure to ensure that our patients understand various study procedures and expectations.


Here are a few examples of studies that patients may be asked to participate in:

Family Imaging Study: Using cutting-edge fMRI technology to study genetics and family history in addition to brain changes associated with a first psychotic break

Smoking Study: Why do individuals with schizophrenia or psychosis smoke more?

Learning and Memory Study: This MRI study aims to examine differences in learning and memory in individuals who have and have not experienced psychosis.

Contact Judy Liu, RN, M.S. at 410-402-6832 for all research inquiries.