For referrals or to schedule a consultation, please contact Beth Steger, LCSW-C: 410-402-6833

The First Episode Clinic (FEC) provides comprehensive, specialty care for individuals suffering from first episode psychosis.

In many cases, when the first episode of psychosis occurs, everyone knows something is wrong. Symptoms may include hallucinations, having false beliefs, becoming suspicious and disorganized in thinking and behavior, developing a lack of motivation or loss of interest in things that were previously enjoyed, and becoming isolated. In some patients, these processes occur more subtly and may be difficult to identify. The first psychotic episode is a traumatic and stressful experience for an individual. It creates confusion, and is difficult to understand and manage by family members and loved ones. It often brings severe disruption of schooling and work, hinders social relationships, and isolates the person from friends and from people around him/her. Rapid referral and early, comprehensive treatment provides the best help for these patients and their families.

Here at the FEC is our mission to provide the highest quality of care available in order to improve social and occupational functioning, reduce symptoms, increase autonomy, and prevent hospitalizations. Thank you for taking the time to view our website - we hope that it will serve as a useful resource for potential patients, family members, and clinicians alike.